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please let me know if any buttons to nowhere are credited wrong or aren't credited and you know where they're from, i want to credit everything i can

yes i know i broke some of these broke with compression yes i know its been months i am so sorry

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adlilene.net allyratworld.com biggulpsupreme anlucas bitmapdreams bytemoth cadnomori capstasher cyuucat daniele's website dannarchy dimden dokodemo dxcccii e-wizard fretnoize gothiclolita heckscaper hill house isopod.cool ita.toys i will never be happy kale chips kid with the chemicalz koinuko.pink kokorobot lost letters lovetiny.art maya.land melankorin melon king noagarden neonaut ocean-waves pklucky plasticdino prismatic-realm repth satyrs.eu voyager zeus zucchini.cc

to nowhere

8 stripe pride flag button 'best viewed 800x600' button 'best viewed 1920x1080 full hd' button 'are you ready? year 2038' button 'eighty eight by thirty one' button 'ace attorney' button 'AOL instant messenger' button 'warning all tits and no brains' button 'anime is gay as hell but i approve!' button 'anything but chrome' button 'apeture- we do what- because we-' button '-science -we must, -can.' button 'internet archive preserve the internet games film tv software photos books history!' button 'drawn with aseprite' button 'ban time travel 'now' button 'site best viewed with a computer monitor' button 'bookmark this page!' button 'it's okay to give your bros some love' button 'burn in hell' button 'say no to missing <img> links get a button today!' button 'buttons now!' button 'calne ca button' 'campaign against campaign against frames nobody cares just don't use them, asshole' button 'catscape meow!' button 'coded with pride' button 'i like computer' button 'CSS is difficult' button 'CSS is awesome' button 'delete twitter make a neocities' button discord button 'don't leave me alone' button 'danger dumbass webmaster ahead!' button 'e-mail' button 'e-mail' button 'questions or comments? e-mail' button 'eva' evangelion button 'eyes' button 'the file transit' button 'bring back flipnote!' button 'copy that floppy!' button folder button 'free home pages at geocities' button 'free -n- cool' button 'warning free sex' button '> fucking webmaster' button 'gay people' button 'geocities' button 'geocities world wide' button 'got HTML?' button 'green smilies' button 'woohoo' hamsters button 'completely hand-coded!' button 'hell on the web' button 'homebrew now!' button 'when saying 'up yours!' just isn't enough you have to commit homicide homicide now!' button '<HTML> learn it today!' button 'i'm high' button 'i'm lost!' button 'internet free' button 'w3c shit html x' button jojo's bizzare adventure button 'warning: page contains javascript!' button 'kill me now!' button 'legalise it now!' button 'marijuana mind explorer' button 'this site is miku approved' button 'miku fan' button 'not mobile friendly' button 'go to myspace.com' button 'mysql' button 'i need a nap now!' button 'nekkoscape '98 nyan!' button 'neocities.org the web is yours' button 'neocities.org!' button 'neocities now!' button 'neocities.org the web is yours' button spinning through different colour palletes 'nerv' evangelion button 'free net vampire' button neon genesis evangelion button 'NFT no fucking thanks' button 'nokia64' nokia button 'no webp! just use png' button 'online now!' button 'best viewed with open eyes' button 'parental advisory the internet is a shitty babysitter' button 'parental advisory explicit content' button 'parental advisory i say 'fuck' a lot' button 'made with my own two paws' button 'this site best viewed with pepsi' button 'perfect clear' tetris button philadelphia pride flag button 'i miss using pictochat' button 'piracy now!' button 'piracy now!' button 'there is no planet b' button 'pothead' button 'pride now!' button 'programming socks now!' button progress pride flag button 'proud of my son' button 'you're telling me a queer coded this' button 'questions? comments?' button rainbow pride flag button 'rainbow lover' button 'suitable only for person's over 18 years' button 'school sucks forever!' button 'it's time to scream' button 'sharing is caring... ...seed your torrents!' button 'like this page? why not tell someone? share it now!' button 'this site has no button' button 'despite everything, it's still you' undertale button 'switch now' button 'there is only one' earth button 'powered by the void' button 'third impact now!' button 'this machine kills fascists' button 'toe beans now!' button trans pride flag button 'trans rights now!' button 'under construction' scrolling construction sign button 'unreality' button 'vampire now!' button 'virus alert! click here' button 'i <3 weed' button 'warning!' button 'this website sucks' button windows 98 startup button hatsune miku world is mine button 'world wide web connecting people since 1991' button 'world wide web' button windows xp title bar button